Introduction To The Rest Assured

Reading Time: 3 minutes Hi Folks, In Today Blog We will take a look into Introduction To Rest Assured so without any delay, Let’s Start What is Rest Assured REST stands for REpresentational State Transfer It is a java library used for testing and validating the Restful Web Services It supports Behavior-Driven Development(BDD) syntax like Given, When, and Then notations It helps us to integrate with testing frameworks like Continue Reading

Rest Assured, JBehave and Allure – A happy marriage.

Reading Time: 4 minutes Hi folks, In this blog tutorial, we will learn how to create a BDD framework with Rest Assured. The BDD tool that we’ll be using is JBehave, as it is very much compatible with JAVA projects. On top of these, we will try to generate allure reports as well. So, let’s get going. How to create a BDD framework with JBehave? If you already have Continue Reading

Integrate TestNG and Json-Server with Rest-Assured

Reading Time: 6 minutes Here, we’ll discuss about how can we automate our testing of RESTful webservices using REST ASSURED and Integrate it with one of the trending framework, “TestNG“ Rest-Assured REST Assured is a Java DSL for simplifying testing of REST based services built on top of HTTP Builder. It supports POST, GET, PUT, DELETE, OPTIONS, PATCH and HEAD requests and can be used to validate and verify the response of Continue Reading