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Scoverage Analysis | Scala | SBT

Reading Time: 3 minutes Scoverage… what it is, how to use it and for which build tool it is available. So, In this blog we are gonna discussing all these along with its implementation in SBT. What is scoverage ? “scoverage” is an Apache’s free licensed code coverage tool for Scala language that put forward the statement and branch coverage. It is available for SBT, Maven, and Gradle. Advantage Continue Reading

Scala Extractors

SBT Plugins Reloaded

Reading Time: 3 minutes Are you quite sure that all those bells and whistles, all those wonderful facilities of your so called powerful programming languages, belong to the solution set rather than the problem set? Edsger Dijkstra Plugins provides customization to an existing implementations of your code. Some of the main reasons to include plugins in your code include :- To support adding new features To reduce size of Continue Reading