Creating Scala Project With SBT 0.12

Reading Time: 2 minutes I have recently started working with scala. SBT is the tool of choice for Scala based projects. Let us see how to get it working on windows. Installing SBT for Windows Create a batch file sbt.bat which contains following script $ set SCRIPT_DIR=%~dp0 $ java -Xmx512M -jar "%SCRIPT_DIR%sbt-launch.jar" %* Now, put the sbt-launch.jar file in same directory where you put sbt.bat file.Put sbt.bat on your Continue Reading

Working With Elasticsearch In Scala

Reading Time: 3 minutes Elasticsearch is an open-source, restful, distributed, search engine built on top of apache-lucene. You can read it more on their website. We have an application built in scala with sbt as our build tool. Now we required to have a search capability on the output created by the application. We chose to use elasticsearch for our application. In this post, we will learn to use Continue Reading

Knolx Sesion: Akka 2.0 Reloaded

Reading Time: < 1 minute Akka allows us to write concurrent, fault tolerant and scalable applications. We recently migrated our product from Akka 1.3x to Akka 2.x. The new version is quite different from 1.3x versions. It is not merely an API change but an overall change. We have to also think differently to develop applications. This session was presented at Knolx Session at Knoldus. This talk gently introduces Akka Continue Reading

Knolx Session: Introducing Scala

Reading Time: < 1 minute We organize KnolX sessions regularly at Knoldus so that our learning spreads in our organisation. This KnolX session had Scala flavor written all over it. We believe in experiential learning. This session has code examples which Knolders tried while I was explaining it. I combined sbt, Scala, Scala collections and ScalaTest together in this presentation. The objective was that by the end of Knolx session Continue Reading

Creating a Scala Project with SBT and Working in Eclipse

Reading Time: 4 minutes Inphina provides specialized Scala consulting, training and offshoring … Learn more about Scala@Inphina! There are numerous view points on the use of Maven or sbt for creating Scala projects. If you have been working on Java projects for a long time then your favorite has to be Maven unless it is Ant. Still Ant 😉 But there are several advantages of using sbt, including the Continue Reading