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ScalaFP: Understanding Monoids In Scala Pragmatically

As we discussed in our previous post, Monoids are semigroups meaning they have properties called closure and associative, along with identity element. So, now our question is, why do we require the identity element? Let’s add this one to our questions which … Continue reading

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ScalaFP: Let’s Start with Implicit and Scala Cats

In our last blog, we have discussed the Type Class. You can find that blog Here: Type Class. Now we will discuss the Implicit in Scala. Implicit Implicit in Scala refers to either a value that can be passed “automatically”, so … Continue reading

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ScalaFP: Let’s Start with Type Class

Before we start talking about the Functional Programming with the Scala Cats, we should refresh our memory about the Type Class and Implicit. These are the base when we start learning the Scala Cats. Let’s start the discussion with the … Continue reading

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ScalaFP: Understanding Semigroups In Scala Pragmatically

In our previous post, we discussed semigroups according to mathematics and we conclude that semigroups have two properties called closure and associativity. But still, we have some questions like: How can we use semigroups by using Scala? Where do we … Continue reading

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