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Are you using Scala Collection efficiently?

In this blog, We will be going to explore how we can use scala collections efficiently . Though, we are taking care of immutability but still something more can be done to make your code more readable and faster. List…

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Scala Map

Scala Map is a collection of Key-value pair. A map cannot have duplicate keys but different keys can have same values i.e keys are unique whereas values can be duplicate. Maps in Scala are not language syntax. They are library…

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Effective Programming In Scala – Part 1 : Standardizing code in better way

A language is a set of standards. One has to follow them in order to avail benefits from the language. In order to maintain these standards, code in Scala has to be written in order to minimize the errors whether…

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Knolx Session : Collections in Scala

In this Knolx session, we discussed about collections in Scala. We learned it with trying some example codes. It consists basics fundamentals of collections, steps of how to create collections and how to use it. Here is the presentation :

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Working With Scala Collections

We have a monthly iBAT (Inphina Beer and Technology Sessions). We look forward to this day and it was Scala day this time. I presented on Scala collections. Scala collection is elegant and concise. Scala Collections like java is object-oriented…