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Combating Fallacy in Scala

Combating Fallacy in Scala: Part 1

Reading Time: 3 minutes Hi everyone, I am going to start a blog series related to Scala. This is going to be a bit different as it focuses on things such as some mistakes that we usually do, unknowingly or some concepts that we might not know. So this series is all about exploring Scala and Combating Fallacy in Scala. if you want to be a part then stay Continue Reading

Building API with gRPC using protobuf – Part 2

Reading Time: 3 minutes In the previous blog, we discussed gRPC. Why is gRPC better/worse than REST? Advantages of gRPC and why we have to use gRPC. I also covered the workflow of gRPC. And last not least what are the different use cases of gRPC. In order to continue our series, we will discuss today the protobuf. How can we generate the Java and Scala code corresponding to Continue Reading

SCALA : Finding Patterns in Strings

Reading Time: < 1 minute To determine whether a String contains a regular expression pattern , create a “regex object” by using “.r” method on a string . And then use the pattern with findFirstIn when you’re looking for one match, and findAllIn when looking for all matches. First create a Regex for the pattern you want to search for, in this case, a sequence of one or more numeric Continue Reading