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Effective Programming In Scala – Part 1 : Standardizing code in better way

A language is a set of standards. One has to follow them in order to avail benefits from the language. In order to maintain these standards, code in Scala has to be written in order to minimize the errors whether … Continue reading

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Generating, visiting and unit testing grammar using ANTLR4 with Java and Scala

“Quality is free, but only to those who are willing to pay heavily for it” – T. DeMarco Now unit testing is not that heavy to pay off so lets start the blog. In this blog we will be continuing … Continue reading

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Adding Scalastyle in a Multi-Module SBT Scala Project

Nowadays, building a Multi-Module SBT project is becoming very common. It helps us to keep multiple related projects in a single build. Moreover, each sub-project in the build has its own SBT default directory. Also, it generates its own build … Continue reading

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Building Quality into Scala Development

The argument and debates regarding writing quality code have mostly rested in the favour of writing clean code. Cleanliness fosters quality. Clean code is straightforward, direct, reads like a story and makes it very understandable. As a rule that we … Continue reading

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