Building Quality into Scala Development

Reading Time: 3 minutes The argument and debates regarding writing quality code have mostly rested in the favour of writing clean code. Cleanliness fosters quality. Clean code is straightforward, direct, reads like a story and makes it very understandable. As a rule that we have at Knoldus, if your code does not read like a story and we have to interrupt in between to understand wtf is going around Continue Reading

Integrating Scala Code Coverage Tool (SCCT) in Play Scala project

Reading Time: 2 minutes In my last blog i’ve elaborated the steps to integrate the JaCoCo with your Play Scala project. This time we’ll learn about how to integrate the Scala Code Coverage Tool ( SCCT ) in your Play Scala project. Just some easy steps and you’re done with SCCT integration. Lets see it in action. 1. Add the following resolvers in your plugin.sbt file. resolvers += Classpaths.typesafeResolver Continue Reading