Semantic Web

Playing with Semantic Data and MarkLogic

Reading Time: 4 minutes In this blog, I will discuss the Semantic Data Model and its support in one of the enterprise NoSQL databases with an example. What is a Data Model Data models always come into the picture when we talk about any database and what type of data storage and query utility it provides. The data model defines the structure, as well as the relationships of data Continue Reading

Store Semantic Web Triples into Cassandra

Reading Time: 2 minutes The semantic web is the next level of  Web Searching where data is more important and it should be well defined. The semantic web is needed for making the web search more intelligent and intuitive to get the user’s requirement. You all can find some interesting point on the Semantic Web here. Triples is an atomic entity in RDF. It is composed of subject-predicate-object. It Continue Reading

RDF – Basic Building Blocks of Semantic Web

Reading Time: 4 minutes In the first post, we talked about the general description of Semantic Web and how it can be useful. In this post, we would try to look at RDF which is the basic building block. RDF is Resource Description Framework which was defined as standard for encoding metadata by W3C in 1999. The idea for this standard is to make metadata readable by machines. The Continue Reading

Semantic Web – The lure to a better world

Reading Time: 6 minutes The story of the Semantic Web is not new, however, it is interesting how some things become more and more important with the passage of time. The term was coined by Sir Tim Berners-Lee in May 2001 however, it took us around 14 years to get to the details of it when we were approached by a large publishing house to help them build a Continue Reading