How to send Emails with Jmeter SMTP Sampler

Reading Time: 3 minutes Hi Folks,Hope you are doing well !!In this blog, we will take a look at How to send Emails with JMeter SMTP Sampler so without any delay, Let’s start How to send Emails with Jmeter SMTP Sampler: 1) Firstly we need to download the JavaMail jar and put it into the JMeter lib folder and restart the JMeter 2) Add the Thread Group in JMeter Continue Reading

Send an Email Through the Amazon SES SMTP Interface with scala

Reading Time: 2 minutes The following procedure shows you how to use AWS Toolkit for IntelliJ to create an AWS SDK project and modify the scala code to send an email through Amazon SES. In this getting started tutorial, you send an email to yourself so that you can check to see if you received it. For further experimentation or load testing, use the Amazon SES mailbox simulator. Prerequisites Continue Reading

Handling HTTPS requests with Akka-HTTPS Server

Reading Time: 2 minutes Hi guys, In my last blogs I explained how one can create a self-signed certificate and KeyStore in PKCS12. You can go through the previous blog, as we’ll be needing certificate and keystore  for handling HTTPS requests. Akka-HTTP provides both Server-Side and Client-Side HTTPS support. In this blog I’ll be covering the Server-Side HTTPS support. Let’s start with “why do we need server-side HTTPS support?” If we want the communication between the browser and Continue Reading