Structure of a Contract in Solidity

Reading Time: 3 minutes Smart Contracts for Ethereum are primarily written using Solidity. They are the basic unit of deployment and also used in execution for EVMs. Contracts in Solidity are similar to classes in object-oriented languages. Here we will learn about structure of contract. Each contract can contain declarations of State Variables, Functions, Function Modifiers, Events, Errors, Struct Types and Enum Types. Furthermore, contracts can inherit from other contracts. Libraries and interfaces are special type of Continue Reading

FIX Protocol : Architecture and Message Structure

Reading Time: 3 minutes In my last blog, we went through the basic aspect of FIX protocol PROS and Cons. In this blog, we will understand the anatomy of FIX protocol which will cover the basic architecture and building blocks of FIX. FIX Protocol Architecture FIX consists of 2 main layers : Session layer : This layer aims to provide high performance. It deals with initialisation, maintenance and termination Continue Reading

File Structure of Angular

Reading Time: 3 minutes Are you new in Angular and don’t know much about its file structure? Don’t worry after going through this blog I ensure that you will have enough understanding about its file structure.