“How To Use Structs In Golang?”

Reading Time: 4 minutes What is a struct? A struct is a user-defined type that represents a collection of fields. It can be used in places where it makes sense to group the data into a single unit rather than having each of them as separate values. A structure is used mainly when you need to define a schema made of different individual fields properties). Like a class, we Continue Reading

Rust Closures will make your life easy

Reading Time: 4 minutes Rust closures are a very helpful and efficient feature of Rust. Closures are quite useful as it allows environment capturing. Let’s explore it together and learn more about it.

Safe Way to access private fields in Rust

Reading Time: 2 minutes Do you want your fields to be private but got stuck in accessing them from other module. Then this blog let you know the ways to access the private fields as well as which one is safer way. There are two approaches : with getter and setter without getter and setter [A] with getter and setter You can create a public struct with private fields. Continue Reading