Manage API Doc via Swagger

Reading Time: 2 minutes Swagger is a framework for describing your API using a common language that everyone can understand .Think of it as a blueprint for a house. Swagger reduces the manual work out of API documentation, provides a range of solutions for generating, visualizing and maintaining API docs.You can use whatever building materials you like, but you can’t step outside the parameters of the blueprint. For millions Continue Reading

Document generation of Akka-HTTP using Swagger

Reading Time: 2 minutes Hello All,  In this blog we are using Swagger to generate document of Akka-HTTP. For Swagger you can get more information from  Introduction to Swagger . For Akka you can get more information from Introduction to Akka-Http You can find complete code here. build.sbt file of the project contains all dependency. SwaggerDocService.scala AkkaSwagger.Scala Get the Json in response by hitting localhost:8080/api-docs/swagger.json   You can get Continue Reading

Swagger With Play2

Reading Time: 5 minutes What is Swagger : Swagger is very powerful tool for REST API description and API documentation.Swagger API gives a Swagger GUI for humans to learn and test your API.It’s 100% open source.The goal of Swagger is to enable client and documentation systems to update at the same pace as the server. The documentation of methods, parameters, and models are tightly integrated into the server code, Continue Reading