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TeamCity: Quick Installation And An Overview Of Build Configuration Of A Project

Reading Time: 5 minutes TeamCity is an On-Premises java-based CI/CD tool of JetBrains. It is available in two licenses: Enterprise and Professional and a Cloud version as well. Here we learn about its Build Configuration in a project. Prerequisite: We will be using docker image installation so it would be independent of the platform (i.e. Operating System) where used. So you may need docker installed in the system. Please Continue Reading

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Multiple ways to Install Team City on Ubuntu?

Reading Time: 3 minutes In this post I will detail the steps on how to install and configure Team City on a Ubuntu server. Java Installation TeamCity Server is a JVM web application that runs in a Tomcat application server. It requires a Java SE JRE installation to run.  I have JAVA installed in my system. So I will be Moving ahead. Install Team City First of all, I’ll Continue Reading

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CI using Teamcity

Reading Time: 3 minutes Hello everyone, In this blog, we are going to how we can create a CI-pipeline in TeamCity using the kotlin DSL script. So before directly moving to the CI part lets see a little about teamcity. What is Teamcity TC- teamcity is a ci server With the help of teamcity you can Run parallel builds simultaneously on different platforms and environments Optimize the code integration Continue Reading