Text transformation with JavaCV and Tesseract

Reading Time: 2 minutes What is Tesseract? HP developed an open-source OCR engine called Tesseract which recognises more than 100 languageswith the support of ideographic and right-to-left languages. Also, we can train Tesseract to recognise other languages. It contains two OCR engines for image processing – a LSTM (Long Short Term Memory) OCR engine and a legacy OCR engine that works by recognizing character patterns. The LSTM engine uses Continue Reading

Selenium with Tesseract – Image Testing

Reading Time: 4 minutes Hi folks, In this blog, we will try to explore how to test the content of an image(basically, text in the image) using a combination of selenium and tesseract. So, let’s get started. What is Tesseract? Tesseract OCR is an open-source optical character reading engine developed by HP laboratories. It contains two OCR engines for image processing – an LSTM (Long Short Term Memory) OCR engine and Continue Reading