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Observability For Automation Tester

Reading Time: 5 minutes It is very common yet quite new to hear the term ‘Observability’. But what does that mean? In this current modern technology world where we are working with so many different types of systems – microservices, distributed systems and many others which are kind of huge spider webs. Imagine while testing these distributed systems and you have no clue of what’s going on under the Continue Reading

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How to record tests using Playwright: Test Generator

Reading Time: 3 minutes What is the Playwright framework: Built by the Microsoft team, It is a framework for end-to-end testing and automation, slowly gaining popularity. Moreover, It is an open-source test automation library and It’s easy to set up, feature-packed, and one of the fastest, most reliable frameworks. Test Generator: Playwright comes with the ability to generate tests out of the box and hence is a great way to Continue Reading

How to use Proxy in Selenium

Reading Time: 3 minutes In this blog, we will learn about what is a proxy server in selenium and how to set a proxy in selenium 4, and how we connect the website using a proxy in selenium. What is Proxy Proxy is an intermediate server that sits between you and the actual server from where your response is coming in an easy way you can think of it Continue Reading

Introduction to the Cypress Project Structure

Reading Time: 4 minutes Hi Folks,In this blog, we talk about the Cypress Project structure that is fundamentally and architecturally different from other test automation frameworks.We use this folder to store data objects or external pieces of static data that we use throughout the tests Cypress Folder Structure Let’s understand the folder structure in cypress project, it defines entire architecture and the workflow of whole system If we know Continue Reading

Basic Introduction to the Testcontainers

Reading Time: 3 minutes Hello everyone! In this blog, we will start with the Basic Introduction of Testcontainers and how Testcontainers help in Integration testing along with its benefits and drawbacks also. What is Testcontainers? As per the official documentation, “Testcontainers is a Java library that supports JUnit tests, providing lightweight, throwaway instances of common databases, Selenium web browsers, or anything else that can run in a Docker container.” Continue Reading

How to Perform DataDriven Testing In Cucumber?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Hello People, As we know Most commercial automated software tools on the market support some sort of Data-Driven Testing. It allows us to automatically run a test case multiple times with different input and validation values. As Cucumber is more an automated testing framework than a ready-to-use tool. It takes extra effort to support data-driven testing to automate tests. The good part is that the Cucumber inherently supports Data Driven Testing using Scenario Outline. Continue Reading

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How to handle Dynamic JSON Payload in RestAssured

Reading Time: 3 minutes Hello Readers! As popularly considered, an API (Application Program Interface) is an engine of the software application. It is crucial to test the APIs as these are expected to work fine and without any deviations. In this blog, we will have an insight into RestAssured and how we can handle dynamic JSON payload with it. What is RestAssured? RestAssured is a testing tool that enables Continue Reading

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How to Generate Junit Reports in Cypress

Reading Time: 2 minutes Hi Readers,In this blog, we will learn about how to generate Junit Reports in Cypress. Cypress Cypress is a free, open-source, and end-to-end testing framework for web test automation. It helps developers to write automated web tests in Javascript. It is a front-end and back-end test automation tool for the next generation of modern web applications. Many big companies like Alibaba Travels, and CircleCI uses Continue Reading


Introduction To The Rest Assured

Reading Time: 3 minutes Hi Folks, In Today Blog We will take a look into Introduction To Rest Assured so without any delay, Let’s Start What is Rest Assured REST stands for REpresentational State Transfer It is a java library used for testing and validating the Restful Web Services It supports Behavior-Driven Development(BDD) syntax like Given, When, and Then notations It helps us to integrate with testing frameworks like Continue Reading

Page Loading Strategy in the Selenium Webdriver

Reading Time: 2 minutes Hello everyone, in this blog we are going to see what is page loading strategy in selenium web driver. What is Page Loading Strategy in Selenium? This page loading strategy will come into the picture whenever you are launching your browser using the get() method or navigate.to() method. By default, Selenium WebDriver follows the standard page load strategy when it loads any page which means Continue Reading

What’s new in JMeter 5.5?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Hi Folks, In this blog post, we are going to see what’s new in JMeter 5.5, Apache community has released 5.5 with a couple of new features, several improvements, and fixes. What’s new in JMeter 5.5? A brand-new thread group, Open Model Thread Group JMeter now supports Java 17 Log4j 2.17.2 is now available in JMeter JMeter 5.5 is the ability to replace the Oro-based Continue Reading

Cloud testing in k6 | Tech

Reading Time: 3 minutes Hi Readers, In this blog, I will explore how to run a test script in the K6 cloud to visualise and analyse the results on the web app in real-time. K6 Basically, It is a free and open-source load testing tool for testing the performance of APIs. K6 has a goal-oriented testing mode, and users can define goals using Thresholds when building their tests.  K6 cloud tests from the Continue Reading

What is the Internet of thing testing?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Hello folks, in this blog we will check What is IoT and What is the Internet of thing testing? Nowadays IoT is a trending word and we all come across this word often. The full form of IoT is the “Internet of Thing”. We are encountering numerous IoT applications these days. The concern every time raises What is the Internet of thing testing? IoT devices Continue Reading