How To Run Chaos Experiments on Chaos Mesh

Reading Time: 6 minutes In this blog, we will be going to learn about Chaos Engineering Concepts and its various tools WHAT IS CHAOS ENGINEERING Chaos engineering is the discipline of experimenting on a system in order to build confidence in the system’s capability and to withstand turbulent conditions in production. In simple words, it is throughput, planned experiments designed to reveal the weakness in systems. Basically, you have Continue Reading


5 Debian Package Management Tools you need to know

Reading Time: 4 minutes Hi everyone! Today in this tutorial, we’re going to look at 5 different package management tools that Debian uses specially in DevOps. Above all, Before diving in, lets take a brief look at what Package Management actually is. What is Package Management? Firstly, A package generally refers to a compressed file archive containing all the files that come with a particular application. These are referred Continue Reading

Procespy: Process Monitoring tool in Rust

Reading Time: 3 minutes Procespy is a process Monitoring tool for Linux distributions, it helps the user to keep track of the running services in the system with their memory utilisation.This tool will allow the user to set the threshold for a particular service in respect of memory utilisation. If any service will cross its threshold value then the process will terminate by providing a popup with a message Continue Reading

Introduction to database migrations using Flyway

Reading Time: 3 minutes Let us first understand why are database migrations necessary? Assume that we have a project called Shiny and it’s primary deliverable is a piece of software called Shiny Soft that connects to a database called Shiny DB. We not only have to deal with one copy of our environment, but with several. So the simplest view of our problem will translate to:

Architecture Governance 101

Reading Time: 2 minutes What is Architecture Governance? Enterprise Architecture Governance is the structure by which an enterprise defines appropriate strategies and ensures development alignment with those strategies. Why is it needed? Architecture Governance is required because of either one or multiple factors listed below 1. Avoiding structural erosion of Architecture with time- When there are more than 2 people working on a system, the architecture tends to erode Continue Reading