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Lambda Architecture with Spark

Hello folks, Knoldus  organized a knolx session on the topic : Lambda Architecture with Spark. The presentation covers lambda architecture and implementation with spark.In the presentaion we will discuss components of lambda architecure like batch layer,speed layer and serving layer.We will … Continue reading

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Play with Spark: Building Apache Spark with Play Framework – (Part – 2)

Last week, we saw how to build a Simple Spark Application in Play using Scala. Now in this blog we will see how to add Spark’s Twitter Streaming feature in a Play Scala application. Spark Streaming is a powerful tool … Continue reading

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Communicating with Twitter via Twitter4J using Scala

Twitter4J is a Java library for the Twitter API. With Twitter4J, you can easily integrate your Scala application with the Twitter service. Twitter4J is featuring: – Easy to use with Scala (as it works on any Java Platform version 5 … Continue reading

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Simply OAuth-ing for Twitter

All right, I am the hottest twitter application called TweetDekk (replace it with any hypothetical name) and I want you to give me your twitter username and password so that you can send tweets using me. Sounds scary? May be … Continue reading

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