Type Class

What is a Type Class And How To Create Them In Scala

Reading Time: 2 minutes What are Type Classes A type class is an interface that defines some behavior. Simply put, it is a programming technique that we often use to add new behaviors to existing user-defined data types without altering the source code. Need for Type Class While working on projects we often feel the need to add new behaviors to our user-defined types. A naive way to do it is Continue Reading

ScalaFP: Let’s Start with Type Class

Reading Time: 2 minutes Before we start talking about the Functional Programming with the Scala Cats, we should refresh our memory about the Type Class and Implicit. These are the base when we start learning the Scala Cats. Let’s start the discussion with the Type Class. Type Class A type class is an interface or API that represents some functionality, which we want to implement. Type class is programming Continue Reading