Union Types

Do you know about Union Types in Scala 3.0?

Reading Time: 2 minutes You might have learnt union of subsets in mathematics, similarly, we have union types in Scala 3.0 as well. Let’s see, how can we use union types while programming in scala: What is Union? Union of two things under consideration, is the collection of elements which can belong to either of them or both of them . Let’s understand with respect to set theory:Set s1 Continue Reading

Dotty – Union Data Types

Reading Time: 2 minutes Hello folks, As we know that dotty is new Scala compiler (also know as Scala 3.0) which is coming with some new features and improvements. To get more details about the dotty and its environment setup. Please follow our beginner guide blog. In this blog, I will describe you about newly introduced Union data type of dotty and its various properties. A union is data type, which Continue Reading