How to Set-up Airflow Environment Using Docker

Reading Time: 3 minutes In this blog we will learn how to set-up airflow environment using Docker.. Why we need Docker Apache airflow is an open source project and grows an overwhelming pace , As we can see the airflow github repository there are 632 contributors and 98 release and more than 5000 commits and the last commit was 4 hours ago. That means airflow had new commits everyday Continue Reading


AWS EKS Cluster by CloudFormation

Reading Time: 9 minutes This blog contains a detailed description for creating an AWS EKS Cluster by CloudFormation. We will see how we can set up this through AWS Cloud Formation with a working example. Introduction Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Cluster (EKS) is a AWS managed service which can be used to run Kubernetes in which control planes or nodes are maintained by AWS. Like any other service offered by Continue Reading

data codes through eyeglasses


Reading Time: 2 minutes INTRODUCTION YAML stands for Yet Ain’t Markup Language. If you have a configuration file and you want to make it easier to understand to humans then it is better to use YAML. YAML is a substitution of XML and JSON. It is the case as well as space-sensitive(we can add spaces wherever we want). It supports various data types(lists, arrays, etc,) as well as popular Continue Reading