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How to use ZLayer in ZIO

Reading Time: 5 minutes What is ZIO: ZIO is a library for Scala programming language that provides a pure, composable, and type-safe approach to error handling and asynchronous programming. ZIO provides a lot of tools for developers to write applications in a clean, concise, and functional manner. Zlayer is a module in ZIO that provides abstractions for building and composing modular applications. In this blog, we’ll explore the basics Continue Reading

How to Compose Layers in Zio

Reading Time: 5 minutes Introduction According to ZIO documentation, we know ZIO is a library for asynchronous and concurrent programming that promotes pure functional programming. The core of the ZIO library provides a powerful effect type ZIO inspired by Haskell’s IO monad. The value of this type doesn’t do anything itself. It is just a description of something that should be done.ZIO runtime system is responsible for actually doing what is Continue Reading


Understanding ZLayer: A powerful tool from ZIO

Reading Time: 3 minutes What is ZIO? ZIO is a Scala zero-dependency library for asynchronous and concurrent programming. It enables you to create applications that are scalable, resilient and responsive to your business’s demands. ZIO is built around the ZIO data type. These data types have three parameters and are referred to as ZIO[R, E, A]. R stands for environment type and the effect requires an R-type environment. When Continue Reading