Take your CX to new levels with IoT

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Don’t leave out IoT from your data equation strategy!

As sensors get cheaper and technologies upgrade (Fog, Edge Computing & 5G, for instance), companies are grabbing opportunities to deepen their digitization efforts. Investing in IoT is helping companies take customer service to new levels by tapping into highly granular data which was previously untapped & converting them into real-time actionable insights.

These facts solidify what’s written above

  • 30 billion IoT connected devices are expected to be used worldwide in 2020 and this number can swell up to 75 billion by 2025 – Statista report.
  • 88% of companies surveyed by Microsoft say that IoT is a decisive factor in their company’s success.
  • IoT could impact 6% of the global economy, as AT Kearney suggests. 

What separates the IoT leaders from the laggards is that they aggressively build more IoT applications, quickly ascend the IoT learning curve, and deliver value.

Are you ready to join the club?

Here are a few resources to help you get started:

Data comes up as a deciding factor in the journey to digital transformation today. Everything in our homes & offices has become connected and furnish data in huge volumes! Taking IoT out if the data equation does not make sense anymore. Explore how business leaders are reacting to the IoT phenomenon and what are the key trends shaping IoT adoption in different industries. Explore More


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IoT Appilcation Development

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Give your customers the IoT Edge with Knoldus

If you are ready to tap into the transformational impact of IoT, schedule a consulting call with us. Apart from HPE, our previous IoT projects include a conference monitoring system developed in Rust programming language and a security system called Hawk also built on Rust language. 

Let’s connect for a consultation call to begin your digital transformation journey with the Internet of Things (IoT). 

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