Technology: Jenkins

How to Send Email notifications via Jenkins

Reading Time: 3 minutes Overview  In this blog, let’s discuss the approach to sending email notifications from Jenkins. If we want to be informed immediately about problems in our pipeline, they can be very helpful. Prerequisites: Steps involved to send email via Jenkins An email-sending solution is visible in Jenkins. This can be set up in the Manage Jenkins menu’s Configure System section. This is the built-in functionality of Continue Reading

Using Dagger with Jenkins in a simple CI pipeline

Reading Time: 4 minutes Introduction Dagger is an opensource devkit for continuous integration, deployment and delivery. It uses the power of BuildKit from docker and CUE to create platform independent deployment and integrations. And Jenkins is a automation server like teamcity, concourse, circle ci, github actions that creates CI/CD pipelines. As we have seen in the blog use of actions in Dagger, we will use them with Jenkins. Prerequisites Continue Reading


How To Add Pull Request Build Status Rule Before Merge In Github Multibranch Jenkins Project

Reading Time: 4 minutes Prerequisite Knowledge About Pull Requests and Merge on SCM like Github Jenkins and Jenkinsfile Multibranch Strategies on a Git Project Introduction Whenever we build a project in a team or collaboration, Continous Integration of the work is an essential part of the project. The automation tools like Jenkins, Github Actions, Circle CI are quite useful tools for the DevOps group. The new changes require testing Continue Reading