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Introduction to Liquibase and its Advantages

Reading Time: 5 minutes New to Liquibase? Welcome! This blog will explain the essential introduction to Liquibase and its Advantages. Common Liquibase Definition Liquibase is an open-source database-independent library for tracking, managing, and applying database schema changes. A little background Before we go into detail about Liquibase, let us see the common problems we face as a developer while working with the application and the database scripts. Now, as Continue Reading

How to integrate Liquibase into your application

Reading Time: 4 minutes Introduction Hi everyone! Today we’ll be discussing about how you can integrate Liquibase into your application so that it automatically updates your database. That is especially interesting when you build smaller applications that don’t run in a highly regulated enterprise environment. In these situations, it’s often not possible to run the update process yourself. And there might be no operations team which executes the SQL Continue Reading