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Virtue is a state of war, and to live in it we have always to combat with ourselves.

– Jean-Jacques Rousseau


Knoldus held a Hackathon like competition within the organization on 11th June 2017. It was simply named “code-combat”.

Knoldus is an organization which always encourages every individual to push his or her boundary and get the excellence out of him that could be achieved in his desired field of interest. Undoubtedly being the coder majority organization;  hubris, humility, and unselfishness are every programmer’s virtue and code-combat was a rigorous effort to combat not only with oneself but as vanguards with other vanguards.

As a result of this combat, Knoldus got a bunch of good blogs, bunch of good code repositories with different technology stack, good team bonding exercise and everyone gets the pleasure of being the code warriors. The competition went on for approximately four weeks. Within this time period, the Knolders have explored a lot of new technologies. The best thing about this combat is that every team explored a  bunch of technology stack which was beyond the project technology stack. In a way, this is a big deal not only for Knoldus but for every client that Knoldus works with, as these stacks could be easily fit into the projects which require them the most.

This made everyone to be the cutting edge in thought and action.

Being programmers our virtue made us think of sharing the details about the competition with you all. You can find the official site we have created for the combat here.

The organizers had worked really hard to made the event successful. Organizers were divided into three teams – project guideline team, infrastructure team, and a public relation team. Though the project guideline and infrastructure team is understandable what could possibly be a Public relation team doing here. Well, the whole purpose of the PR team was to make the combat interesting and keep everyone’s enthusiasm high. Moreover, they were also responsible for notifying all the participants and handle or reroute their queries. Project guideline team, on the other hand, was responsible for creating all the guidelines required for the competition and infrastructure team was responsible for all the infrastructure related works whether it is about final day presentation or any requirement of any vanguard for their project e.g. the project needs to be deployed on the cloud.

You can take a look at the winners of the combat here. As you can see on the site that there were different categories of awards. “The Vanguard” was the award which was given to the team which scored the highest point in all evaluation criteria.  For this season it won by team “Access Den!ed” lead by Rishi Khandelwal. In the finale of the code combat, our honorable client of EY Mr.Lakshman Parameswaran and Knolder Bhavya Aggarwal took the seats of Jury and had a good question and answer session with the participants.  


Note: – If you have read this till here and visited the site we have created, you might have thought of many negative and positive things about it. Being the first timer undoubtedly we have made mistakes and being the rigorous scrum process follower we have done a retrospective as well.

Well yes, we are referring the feedback process as retrospective here and surely the next time mistakes will be very less. Every Knolder has given their valuable feedback of the combat and easily we could distinguish the good, bad and improvable points which are going to be used in the next code-combat that is going to be. Till the next combat, …


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Pranjut Gogoi is the enthusiast of Machine Learning and AI with 8+ years of experience. He is been implementing different machine learning projects in Knoldus. He started an initiative called MachineX through which they share knowledge with the world. With this initiative, he broadcasts different free webinars, write different blogs and contributes to open source communities on machine learning and AI.

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