This Holiday Season our blogs are Ad friendly

CSR from webiste ads
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Our blog visits have reached 300k+ per month and we would like to take this opportunity to make a social impact.

Chances are that you will come across an ad while researching for a topic or reading an article on our blog. But there’s a deeper and more meaningful reason behind it than it seems on the surface.

We have decided to donate our revenues from our blog ads to the Smile Foundation.

We are grateful to all our readers and would request to pardon any inconvenience caused.

Our motivating factor behind this initiative

At Knoldus, we have always been supporting Children’s Education and Computer Literacy. All of us techies have been privileged enough to have received a quality education from good institutions which have enabled us to create our level of impact in the world of technology. But not all children are as fortunate. 

We believe that if we can make even a small effort from our end to empower these children, our work will have more meaning besides making a positive impact in the society that we live in. This is the idea behind this initiative.

With this thought, we have decided to support the Smile Foundation with the revenue that we are going to earn as a result of the ads on blogs until the end of the Holiday Season.

Knoldus has supported this cause previously also in its association with NGOs that work towards children’s education. We have organized collection drives and helped them put up stalls towards the cause.

Let us brighten the Holiday season for children in need and bring a smile on their faces!

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Niharika has around 3+ years of experience as a Content Professional. She loves writing about technology and the latest trends in the online world although her rich writing experience spans across diverse business domains. Apart from writing, she has also worked on YouTube audience growth strategies. An ambivert by nature, she likes to grab a snack with a warm cup of coffee accompanied by a good book or a close friend.