Top five Reasons to visit our Booth #Knoldus at Scala Days, Berlin -2018.

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The Knoldus team is super excited to be at Scala Days, Berlin – 2018, and we look forward to it as happy and enthusiastic as every time. This year’s conference is happening @ Kosmos Cinemas from May 14-17, 2018. Knoldus, being a Gold sponsor of Scala Days 2018, is proud and delighted to host a booth in the interest of showcasing our strength and expertise in handling everything related to Scala.

Here are top 5 reasons, why you should visit our Booth #Knoldus

#1: We love SCALA

Scala has helped us grow our business and we have learned a lot working on the Lightbend platform. We are happy to share what we have learned! If you have a business problem, ask us – we will be able to guide you in the right direction. If we can’t, we will do the research and get back to you!

#2: Brand new product CodeSquad ready to perform

We will launch our new product, CodeSquad @ Scala Days, Berlin 2018. Built for quality assurance developer, CodeSquad enables a qualitative analysis and insight of the projects by highlighting the missing or the problematic parameters.

Get the first view of the awesome features of the product and get all your questions answered, right away!

#3: Chance of networking with leading Scala thought leaders and experts

One of the best parts of these events is that it provides a chance to meet and talk with people across the industry.  Don’t miss this opportunity to talk face-to-face to the experts behind many of the reactive applications. 

Meet our CTO, “Bhavya Agarwal”, Principal Consultant, “Shawn Downs” and Sr. Consultant, “Prabhat Kashyap” who are involved in many successful projects. Discover firsthand how we can address your business’ mission-critical challenges and help you to achieve your goals. We would like to have a two-way interaction where we can hear your daily business problems, the methods you imply to solve them and our suggestions to improve it further.

Schedule a time to meet with them to discuss challenges you are having, or simply come by to say, “hello.”

#4: The results of our awesome cases from this year

It’s been a year full of amazing success stories. We’ve helped an ever-increasing pool of partners discover their potential for digital transformation, with very rewarding results for both sides. Some of these you may already know – mentioned on the website, a certain set of award-winning– but for a first-hand look at the products, as well as the other exciting cases we’ve been working on, come to our booth.

Discuss your “it can’t be done” and “it’s never been done before” challenges and turn them into reality.

#5: We’ve got something for you!

We’re excited to announce that we’re going to have a plenty of fun also on hand at the booth. Drop by our booth to say hello, have a chat and answer a few basic questions of Scala to enter into a chance to get the book on Scala, grab some cool themed stickers and a lot more surprises.

In each of the conversations we have – we want to learn and share what we know! We hope to see you at the booth in Scala Days, Berlin! 

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