Trace caller’s source location in the stable Rust

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Hello folks, In this blog, I will be introducing a feature to track source location of caller of a function.
In one of the Rust projects, I came across a scenario, where I had to trace source location of caller of a function. Rust also has this feature, but it is not available for stable release. So I published a crate trace_caller and introduced trace , a procedural attribute macro to track the source location. This crate will work in stable release of Rust.

This library uses backtrace library in backend for acquiring backtraces at runtime.

How to use trace_caller:-

1) Add dependencies in Cargo.toml

trace_caller = "0.2.0"

2) Now use in your code

use trace_caller::trace;

fn add(x: u32, y: u32) -> u32 {
    x + y

fn main() {
    let result = add(3, 4);
    println!("Result: {}", result);

3) Run

Called from "src/" at line 9
Result: 7

You can find source code here Please feel free to raise pull request.

Thank you for reading the blog!!

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