Tutorial 1: DYNATRACE -Application PERFORMANCE Monitoring (APM) TOOL

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Hi Everyone, In This blog we will discuss about a performance tool  – Dynatrace which we are using now-a-days in Knoldus for Performance Testing and We would be running this blog as a series and we would be looking at various aspects of Performance Testing with this blog.

The aim includes;

  • What is Dynatrace?
  • How does this work?
  • Benefits of Dyntrace

When we develop a new application, we face a lot of complex issues related to performance of our application and there are many layers of complexity in our application and to get rid of those issues we use dyntrace and with the help of this we are able to find the root cause of the complexity.

What is Dynatrace

DynaTrace Software is an Application Performance Monitoring  tool (APM) ,Which is widely used nowadays .It comes with advanced features for monitoring Java. Through which we can easily identify the performance of our application.

We are using it to discover the existence of abnormalities in CPU Performance, response time, transaction rate, throughput and system usage.It has helped to diagnose and fix many performance issues at an early stage and make our application more value able.

How does it work

Dynatrace server should be installed on your system and it consists of host and agent . It has a dashboard through which we can diagnose our system on one place.

Our server can easily interact with other agent if we want , for that we have to run some command  through terminal  and then we can easily watch the user interaction and also we can customize the time.

 Benefits of Dyntrace

  • For Testing you should have lot of data and through which you can check your system health such as CPU, Memory, Disk and Network Utilization,Storage Problems
  • We can also look into the problem which are captured in dynatrace and then we can resolve those.
  • With the help of it, developers and testers can ensure that their application works fast and is reliable.
  • We can capture the issues before client complains about the same.

Here we can take a look of dynatrace’s dashboard where we are able to view all the recent activities.


It provides meaningful deployment status through which we can easily understand the detail of host.


This is introduction of Dynatrace and we would be adding next tutorial on Dynatrace which includes how to diagnose using this tool.


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