Tutorial #3: Getting started with HTTP Programming in Play Framework

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We have already discussed about the Play development environment in Tutorial #1 and use of WebJars, jQuery, Bootstrap & Bootswatch with Play in Tutorial #2

So, In this blog we would discuss about HTTP programming in Play Framework which would drive us through rest of the tutorial series.  We would be running this blog as a series and we would be looking at various aspects of Play with this blog.

In this tutorial we will discuss about the following topics of HTTP programming in Play Framework:

  • Actions, Controllers and Results
  • HTTP routing
  • Manipulating results
  • Session and Flash scopes
  • Body parsers
  • Actions composition
  • Content negotiation



Now we know about HTTP Programming in Play. So we will follow the same HTTP Programming for the up coming  tutorials. We would look at how we can make it more usable and readable, then we would be adding next tutorials related to Play Framework. If you have any question then feel free to comment on the same 🙂 Stay tuned.

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