Type Class Polymorphism in Scala

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In this Knowledge Session I will going to discuss about different ways to achieve polymorphism in scala. Here will focus on decoupled and ad hoc polymorphism.

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Mayank is a polyglot programmer who believes in selecting the right tool for the job. He has more than 8-year experience in Java Platform. He has been a Scala enthusiast ever since he came to know this beautiful language in 2010. He has been developing enterprise applications on the reactive stack. He's a big fan of agile development, scalable software and elegant code. Mayank has extensive knowledge in a huge spectrum of areas of software, and the ability to dive deeply into a new technology and achieve expert level in no-time. He found fun to architect complex systems in the simplest way and quite handy in Design patterns, micro-services & DevOps technologies. On the personal front, he is a marathon runner, spiritual learner & yoga practitioner.

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