Woman- An Empowered Being

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I remember my grandfather telling stories to read Bhagavad Gita to learn about the significance of women in life. 

A powerful verse from it states- Women are more capable of attaining enlightenment. They can achieve it when all the common manifest civility towards them. Taking his advice led me to recognize the presence of women in all walks of the entity. 

Though celebrating beings does not necessarily require a specified date, the uniqueness of a woman on every level deserves recognition. Compare this if we find that woman stands out from the rest of the Homo sapiens, which is spectral. 

Significance of Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is a day to celebrate their social, economic, and political achievements. It reflects on their progress and demands gender equality. This day belongs to everyone who strongly believes that rights are equal irrespective of gender.

From Lords in Ancient Prehistoric times to Sigmas in the Modern world, we anticipate the companionship of women as they do not just matter but are Charismatic Gurus who add Spiritual Intelligence to one another. And it shall be found in the pages of historical and modern times. 

Giving Light to historical pages

Women are transforming a community from a relatively autonomous society to a participant in the national economy. But it was not the case during the Medieval age. The historical analysis of the position of women shows that they did not share uniformity with men and held the position of wife, mother, sister, and artisan. It was the dark age for them and solely the property of their fathers, brothers, or husband. Those times underestimated the strength lying within and halted the potential to contribute. But as the needle of the clock is never constant, time did change!

As David once said- “One lie has the power to tarnish the truth”. 

Historical Evidence: Flip the page!

Personalities like Chandbibi appeared on the ramparts of the fort of Ahmednagar dressed in male attire and put heart in the defenders against the powers of Akbar himself, saving the truth of ultimate power within a woman. And fingers of the billions will be countless if we may start quoting women setting the examples for the whole existence.

From the political aspiration of Indira Gandhi to the sky intelligence of Avani Chaturvedi, the aeronautical skills of Kalpana Chawla to the social enthusiasm of Mother Teresa and every woman, they have bent the marks to prosperous humanity. 

Continuity and Perseverance.

The United Nations Observance of IWD recognizes and celebrates women and girls, championing the advancement of transformative technology and digital education. And as a result of which, we have women heroes in primary and quinary sectors. International Women’s day enlightens the importance of women as an individual and offers them equal status. 

This Women’s day, let us all come together and protect her rights and cherish their individuality as Universe has quoted- “When all the Lords in heaven collate Navratan in balanced portions, Signora transpires”.

Happy Women’s day