Author: Abhishek

Reasons to choose Angular for Development

Reading Time: 4 minutes The decision of which tools or tech stack you should use to get optimum value of your investment is nothing but a conundrum.  From a business point of view, you couldn’t risk going wrong here since these risks can cash-on in any minute. So, what tools are capable of giving you the most bang for your buck?  – Well, off the top of my head Continue Reading

essential scala

Reading Time: < 1 minute Academy, Audit & Consulting Essential Scala Scala is a powerful functional programming language for building solid systems and Prerequisities One year of experience with any object-oriented or finctional programming language What you will learn As an introduction to programming in Scala, we’ll review the basic of: The Scala REPL SBT Scala programs and common patterns Algebraic data types Generics The Scala Standard Library Types: Classes, Continue Reading

JavaScript Libraries : A Quick Start to some Library

Reading Time: 4 minutes OVERVIEW JavaScript is one of the most popular computer language in the world. The use cases where JavaScript has shown to be replacing traditional platforms are ever increasing. As the scope of the usage grows, it becomes extremely important that a method of distribution of code is used, to not only bring simplicity in further development but also allow reuse of code by the masses. Continue Reading