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Introduction to Spring MVC

Reading Time: 3 minutes Spring is the most commonly used framework in Java. It is a general purpose framework i.e it can be used in console applications, desktop applications, web applications, or web services. It is a modular framework i.e it contains different module. Core module : Provides basic IOC implementation web-mvc : Provides an mvc based framework for developing dynamic web-application. ORM-module : Facilitate integration to the framework Continue Reading

Ways to Handle Log-in Pop-up in Selenium Webdriver

Reading Time: 3 minutes Welcome again! Ever think of handling Log-in Pop-up via Selenium? Let’s take a quick overview of the scenario. What’s the need for automating log-in Pop-up? For security reasons, some of the web pages did not have access to normal users. As only authenticated users with correct credentials can access web pages. We can automate this by using selenium. What the pop-up mean and where it Continue Reading

Lets Do API Testing With Karate Framework

Reading Time: 3 minutes API Testing Application Programming Interface(API) is nothing and it is a logic that is written by the developer and as a tester you will testing it. tester verifying that it is meet the expected result or not it is called API Testing.API testing is a software testing that tests the APIs  from their functionality, reliability, performance, to security. Karate (DSL) For API Testing Initially Karate Continue Reading

Mocking Data in Postman

Reading Time: 4 minutes Mocking in general dictionary terms means imitating or making a replica of something. So here we will replicate the server. There are plenty of other reasons and tools to work with a mock server. But Postman already has an inbuilt feature to deploy a mock server without any external installation. What is Mock Server? A mock server is a server that is not a real Continue Reading

How to Schedule Pods on Nodes in Kubernetes

Reading Time: 5 minutes Kubernetes is an orchestrator. Its task is to manage the containerized workload running over its managed environment. Since its an orchestrator, its primary tasks also include scheduling of the pods over the best possible available node that is taken care of by one of the Control Plane’s components – Scheduler. But what if we want to customize the scheduling of pods in our own defined Continue Reading

File Handling and Operations in Python

Reading Time: 4 minutes Python is extensively used for file handling and operations performed in a file. It supports multiple programming paradigms such as: Structured Programming Object-oriented Programming Functional Programming File Handling Python has its own standard library which is very extensive and offers a wide range of functionalities such as I/O handling and standard solutions to many problems that arise during execution. It uses dynamic typing to verify Continue Reading

ZFS Storage pool layout: VDEVs

Reading Time: 3 minutes ZFS initially stood for Zettabyte File system. It was developed by Matthew Ahrens and Jeff Bonwick as a part of Sun Microsystems in 2001 but later was placed under a closed license when Oracle Corporation acquired Sun Microsystems Inc. ZFS is well known for its storage pool and the features associated with it. It is a multiprotocol enterprise storage system that is designed to enhance the Continue Reading

Bash Array

Reading Time: 2 minutes Bash Array It can be define as the collections of a similar type of elements.In bash, There are no option for multi-dimensional arrays but yes bash provide the support of one-dimensional numerically indexed arrays. Initialization To initialize a array in bash, we use assignment operator (=), by specifying the list of the elements within parentheses and separated by spaces like below: Access Elements echo ${ARRAY_NAME[2]} Continue Reading

Overview of Docker Registry

Reading Time: 4 minutes The Docker Registry is open-source, under the permissive Apache license. Docker Registry is a storage where you can store and distribute the docker images.  And why we need Docker Registry explained in below : So let’s say you’re working on your project and you have your own docker images so you want to host your docker images locally for your office work , your organization, Continue Reading

What is Deployment in Kubernetes?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Deployment in kubernetes is an upgraded and higher version of Replication controller. They manage the deployment of a replica set which is also an upgraded version of the replication controller. Deployment in kubernetes allows you to describe an application life cycle, such as which images to use for the app, the number of pods, and the way in which they should be updated. In kubernetes, Continue Reading

Add AWS credentials in Terraform

Reading Time: < 1 minute Hi readers, in this blog we will discuss about the different ways to add aws credentials (access key and secret key) in a Terraform configuration file. There are many ways to do it. Lets discuss some of them. Add it to your configuration files while defining your variable This would be the most naive way to do it. You will add the values in the Continue Reading

All about data connectors

Reading Time: 3 minutes Bottomline: A data connector is used to copy the data from one(or more) source(s) to the data warehouse (usually a single location where it is easy to perform certain operations) What is data connector? A data connector is the logic that enable developers (or data-science folks) to transfer the data from source (after extracting) to the destination. For example you need to prepare a model Continue Reading

Exploring Spring Boot :Beginners Level

Reading Time: 4 minutes What is Spring Boot Spring Boot is a project which is built on the top of the Spring Framework. it will provide us an easier and faster way to set up likewise configure. Similarly it runs both simple and web-based applications. Spring module provides the RAD (Rapid Application Development) feature.The Spring Framework is used to create a stand-alone Spring-based can just run because it needs minimal Continue Reading