Author: Shivam Gupta

Companion Object in Scala

Reading Time: 4 minutes Companion Object is a singleton object of a class sharing same name and same source file.The class is called a Companion Class.For instance, we have a class name Person in Person.scala and an singleton object Person in the same file: In this file the object Person is a companion object and class Person is a companion class. Benefits of Companion Object Companion Objects in Scala gives many benefits.First, companion object and class can access each Continue Reading

Webhook – An Interesting way to commune between applications

Reading Time: 5 minutes In this we are going to talk about a way or method to communicate between apps over the web which is gaining popularity nowadays. As we know, Polling is one of the ways by which we can communicate between apps to share information. There is also another way by which we can communicate i.e., WEBHOOK. Webhooks are automated messages or information that an app sends to Continue Reading

Type Inference : An helpful feature of Scala

Reading Time: 4 minutes Scala comes with very interesting features. One such feature is Type Inference. Type Inference is a very powerful feature of Scala as it helps the developer to develop fast and efficiently. The Scala compiler can often automatically infer the type of an expression (everything in Scala is an expression). This helps the developer write the code without worrying about mentioning the types which are often known Continue Reading