How to integrate typesafe console with akka-scala based application

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We are working on a akka-scala based project. We needed to monitor the akka actors related activities and their profile so we integrated typesafe console with our application.

So i am going to tell here how to integrate it with your akka-scala application.

First we need to add a atmos dependency in our project build.sbt as below.

Add below setting to your build.sbt.

Now go to your project directory and do sbt update.  It will download the above atmos dependency.

After doing an update run below command.

On the console you will see a message as below.

Starting Atmos and Typesafe Console …
Typesafe Console is available at http://localhost:9900

Typesafe-console UI  can be accessed by pointing to http://localhost:9900 and you will see a screen like this.


You can find the related code here on github.