Monthly Scala News Letter : December 2013

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We have started our Monthly Scala News Letter from last 2 months which is delivered to subscriber’s email address on 25th of every month. If you haven’t subscribed to the newsletter yet then make it hurry and click on Subscribe Scala Monthly News Letter

In the newsletter, you will find some very useful scala business news. The main aim of newsletter is that people should be aware about where and how scala is gaining popularity for business use, why scala is so effective so that people are using scala as a preferred language and what are the features which can scale our business to a high level.

We also provide the information about some latest releases and some new features about scala and related technologies to scala.

So the latest newsletter is December-2013 that has published and delivered to subscribers.


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Rishi is a tech enthusiast with having around 10 years of experience who loves to solve complex problems with pure quality. He is a functional programmer and loves to learn new trending technologies. His leadership skill is well prooven and has delivered multiple distributed applications with high scalability and availability by keeping the Reactive principles in mind. He is well versed with Scala, Akka, Akka HTTP, Akka Streams, Java8, Reactive principles, Microservice architecture, Async programming, functional programming, distributed systems, AWS, docker.