ScalaGeek: Are you ready for the Challenge?

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ScalaGeek is an application which promotes Scala concepts with a twist of gaming. It has been published with minimum features or challenges for the users, however, there will be more challenges added later on. The game is divided into Levels and stages. Every stage will have actions which the user need to perform. Once all the actions have been performed on the basis of time taken for it. Although one thing is to remember that the action is not correct. Similarly, the user will be promoted to the next levels.

Scalageek is a place to learn and share knowledge by the Geeks for the geeks. This is a gift to the Scala community. All feedback criticisms are welcome with the hope that it will improve and become the best budget for Scala uses.

ScalaGeek is a community-driven database of questions and answers on Scala. The idea is to allow people who are learning Scala to validate their learning and master the language. ScalaGeek provides the comprehensive style question which needs to be answered in a time-bound environment. As a registered user of ScalaGeek, you could appear in the test and can contribute questions. All the contributed question are approved by the administrators who are Scala evangelists. ScalaGeek is a product of the internship program run at Knoldus Software.


User Identification

ScalaGeek allows the user to log in using their email ID. With the help of email id ScalaGeek creates a session of every user. Which helps to start the game from the point where the user left. Let’s assume the user pass 2 stages of Level 1 then the user will not need to again clear both levels. They can directly jump to the 3rd stage. Unfortunately, the user cannot play the game without entering the email id. User will have to log in only once, no need to log in again and again.



Multiple Games Based upon Scala Topics

ScalaGeek Provide user multiple games. These games are based upon Scala topics. Each topic may have a video lecture and must have challenging tasks. These tasks based upon time. User has to clear all the tasks to pass a stage. These tasks allow people who are learning Scala to validate their learning and master the language. Open Source community can contribute to these games by sharing complete video lecture and tasks for a particular topic based upon scala. The contributor’s twitter handler will be attached to their game.


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Level your Skills

User can choose any stage that was cleared. User can see the number of levels and stage of a particular game. The locked stages will be unlocked only if the previous stage is cleared.

User can also choose any stage that was cleared and they can see the number of levels and stage of a particular game. The locked stages will be unlocked only if the previous stage is cleared.

Practice & learn the fun way

Practice pure code

Learn new concepts by watching a video and solving fun challenges questions with time -bounded environment.

Become the expert

Go from absolute beginner to a proficient coder with our simple and engaging approach.

Challenge your friends

Play and Compete

Have fun with friends, schoolmates or co-workers on multiplayer programming games and show them who’s the boss!

Rise & Shine

Hit all the levels and get recognition from your peers and exciting prizes from ScalaGeek.

Launch your career with Scala

Launch your career with Scala language

Build up

Strengthen your developer profile in Scala language as you code and play

Stand out

Learn Scala to stand out and get noticed by top companies for a career change and jobs you deserve

 Why Scala

Why ScalaGeek?

ScalaGeek is Designed to make learning fun. This application has many challenges to complete each stage. Each and every stage may have the different or same content. Every stage has different HINTS to solve the questions. If the user stuck at any question then they can use HINTS to get the idea about questions and can solve it easily.


  • Learn – From engaging video lessons and personalized learning journeys designed by KNOLDUS ScalaGeek Team.
  • Test – Practice to perfection with topic wise tests that are customized to the learning requirement of every user.
  • Analyse – The app runs an in-depth analysis based on customized tests and personalised learning paths adopted by the user. View detailed analysis of your progress and performance to plan better and improve your performance.
  • Revise – Each module offers revision and practice sessions for the user to perfect their understanding of concepts and help them excel in their examinations or interviews.

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Jashan Goyal is the Trainee Software Consultant at Knoldus Software LLP. He has done B.Tech. from Lovely Professional University, Jalandhar. He has good knowledge of C, C++, Java, Scala and Node.js. He is also interested in Internet of Things. As a fresher, he always tries to explore the different type of software and tools.