Smart Office in coming 5 Years and why?

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Smart office is defined as the integration of modern technology into a office space. All the tasks of an organization become simpler and flexible with the use of IOT (Internet of Things) devices. IoT is the network of devices such as electrical appliances, physical devices and other things embed with sensors and actuators. These sensors and actuators enable the objects to establish a connection with different systems which in turn helps to exchange data.

Now the question is whether or not offices should invest in IoT for their employees. As technology is coming for your regular, manual-everything office and bringing it into the 21st century. The question is, what kind of IoT is really valuable in an office setting? Do your employees need smart cafeteria? Will smart lighting, temperature control push productivity? Beyond the typical saying “this light turns off when the room is empty!”, plenty of things are there for smart offices.

Smart Office Application
Smart Office Mobile Application

Smart Office Options

Attendance System

Remember searching for door keys or office card as you ran for the office? What if you could use smart office application having IOT based fingerprint attendance system to remove this experience from your schedule forever?. This system will send all the updates regarding entry and exit time for every employee.

Smart Lighting and Temperature Control

You’re freezing in the office – but everyone around you is warm or vice versa. What if you could use smart office application having IOT based smart sensors to control lighting and temperature of workplace to increase productivity?. That means keeping your space warmer without bothering coworkers. Comparing light, heat, movement, and other data points against employee happiness and productivity can teach a smart office about the optimal settings. Sensors will be playing important role by constantly checking to ensure that the office is kept at optimal, well, everything.

Room Booking System

You have a big meeting coming up. But at the same time no meeting room is available. All organizations have limited meeting & conference rooms. As it is a big issue and lot of time is wasted which decreases productivity. What if you can book a meeting room in advance using smart office application? That’s what smart office application provides a fullproof solution for room/desk booking without any mess.

Paperless Cafeteria

How much food coupons being lost or being washed out in clothes? A lot of paper wastage should be there. What if you can use smart office application based paperless transactions for food items in cafeteria and expenditure will directly debited from salary on monthly basis? Paperless transactions are not only going to eases one’s life but also helps authenticate and formalize the transactions that are done.

Timesheet Submissions

Logging work at lot of platforms after a busy day is really a messed up?What if you can log your work at just one place using smart office application and updates will sent to your manager and client by application automatically? You have to just add your preferences of all other platforms in application and all the platforms will receive your daily logged work automatically.

Sensitive Planters

Plants play important role at your workspace by reducing absenteeism by upto 50% and reduce minor illness by 30%. What if irrigation of plants is not proper? By using smart office application plants are not going to die without water. Health of plant is maintained properly by increasing the fertility of soil.


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