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Prophet delivered another adaptation of Java as Java 8 in March 18, 2014 ,was a progressive arrival of the Java for programming improvement stage so It incorporates different moves up to the Java programming, JVM, Tools and libraries.

Java 8 Programming Language Enhancements

  • Lambda expressions
  • Method references
  • Functional interfaces
  • Stream API
  • Default methods
  • Base64 Encode Decode
  • Optional class
  • Collectors class
  • ForEach() method
  • Nashorn JavaScript Engine
  • Parallel Array Sorting
  • IO Enhancements etc

Lambda Expressions

Lambda articulation assists us with composing our code in utilitarian style. It gives an unmistakable and compact method for executing SAM interface(Single Abstract Method) by utilizing an articulation. It is extremely valuable in assortment library in which it assists with repeating, channel and concentrate information.

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Method References

Method reference is utilized to allude strategy for utilitarian connection point and It is reduced and simple type of lambda articulation and Each time when you are utilizing lambda articulation to simply alluding a technique, you can supplant your lambda articulation with strategy reference.

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Functional Interface

It contains just one unique strategy is known as useful connection point so we can have quite a few default and static techniques but It can likewise announce techniques for object class.

Single Abstract Method Interfaces (SAM Interfaces) is also an functional interface.

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Java presented a class Optional in Java 8 and is a public last class which is utilized to manage NullPointerException in Java application.for it’s use we should import java.util bundle to utilize this class becasuse It gives techniques to actually look at the presence of significant worth for specific variable.

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Provides a new method forEach() to iterate the elements and it is also defined in Iterable and Stream interfaces.

Collection classes which extends iterable interface can also use forEach() method to iterate elements.

This method takes a single parameter which is a functional interface,so that we can pass lambda expression as an argument.

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Date/Time API

It has introduced a new Date and Time API since Java 8 and the java.time package contains Java 8 Date and Time classes.

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Default Methods

It gives an office to make default techniques inside the connection point and these are the techniques which are characterized inside the connection point and labeled with default catchphrase are known as default strategies also these techniques are non-unique strategies and can have strategy body.

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Nashorn JavaScript Engine

Nashorn is a JavaScript motor and It is utilized to execute JavaScript code powerfully at JVM and it gives an order line instrument jjs which is utilized to execute JavaScript code.

You can execute JavaScript code by two ways:

  1. Using jjs command-line tool, and
  2. By embedding into Java source code.

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String Joiner

For constructing a sequence of characters it added a new final class StringJoiner in java.util package separated by a delimiter.So you can create string by passing delimiters like comma(,), hyphen(-) etc.

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It is a last class that expands Object class and It gives decrease task For example, amassing components into assortments, summing up components as per different models and so forth.

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Stream API

Java.util.stream package comprises of classes, interfaces and an enum to permit useful style procedure on the components and it performs languid calculation so In this way, it executes just when it requires.

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Stream Filter

Java.util.stream package consists of classes, interfaces and enum to allow functional-style operations on the elements also it performs lazy computation but it executes only when it requires and this method takes predicate as an argument and returns a stream of resulted elements.

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Base64 Encoding and Decoding

It furnishes a class Base64 to manage encryption and decoding and if you want to import java.util.Base64 class in your source record to utilize its strategies.

This class gives three unique encoders and decoders to scramble data at each level.

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Parallel Array Sorting

The parallelSort() method has added to java.util.Arrays class that uses the JSR 166 Fork/Join parallelism common pool to provide sorting of arrays but it is an overloaded method.

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I/O Enhancements

In Java 8, there are a few upgrades to the java.nio.charset.Charset and broadened charset executions and It incorporates the accompanying:

  • A New SelectorProvider which might further develop execution or versatility for server,The/dev/survey SelectorProvider keeps on being the default.To utilize the Solaris occasion port instrument, run with the framework property java.nio.channels.spi.Selector set to the worth sun.nio.ch.EventPortSelectorProvider.
  • The size of <JDK_HOME>/jre/lib/charsets.jar file is decreased.
  • Performance has been improvement for the java.lang.String(byte[], ∗) constructor and the java.lang.String.getBytes() method.

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