Author: Mohd Alimuddin


Understanding ZLayer: A powerful tool from ZIO

Reading Time: 3 minutes What is ZIO? ZIO is a Scala zero-dependency library for asynchronous and concurrent programming. It enables you to create applications that are scalable, resilient and responsive to your business’s demands. ZIO is built around the ZIO data type. These data types have three parameters and are referred to as ZIO[R, E, A]. R stands for environment type and the effect requires an R-type environment. When Continue Reading

Text transformation with JavaCV and Tesseract

Reading Time: 2 minutes What is Tesseract? HP developed an open-source OCR engine called Tesseract which recognises more than 100 languageswith the support of ideographic and right-to-left languages. Also, we can train Tesseract to recognise other languages. It contains two OCR engines for image processing – a LSTM (Long Short Term Memory) OCR engine and a legacy OCR engine that works by recognizing character patterns. The LSTM engine uses Continue Reading

Apache Pulsar: A Quick Overview

Reading Time: 3 minutes What is Apache Pulsar? Yahoo developed Pulsar and it is now open source under the Apache License. Apache Pulsar is a distributed messaging system that is based on the publisher and subscriber model, and unlike other pub-sub models, apache pulsar decouples producers from consumers. Pulsar is the middleware that accepts information from producers and consumers then source that data from the pulsar. Why Apache Pulsar? Continue Reading

Understanding Git and Git Basic Workflow

Reading Time: 3 minutes Git is a valuable tool for the ones who are in the software industry, and it is the most popular version control system in the world and used by 90% of the industry. It is no doubt a very important skill to have on your resume when starting your career in the industry. In the following article, we will understand what is Git and its Continue Reading

CSS and CSS Box Model a powerful design aid

Reading Time: 3 minutes Cascading style sheet or CSS is a simple design language that aids Hypertext markup language or HTML. In easier words, CSS is the backbone of HTML which helps in designing and presenting HTML elements beautifully on a web page. CSS is simple yet versatile that allows controlling every element and its aspects present in HTML including size, layout, separation, colour, positioning, fonts, and much more. Continue Reading