Author: Himanshu Upadhaya

What Are Multi-Stage Docker Builds?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Why multi-stage build? One of the most difficult things about building images is keeping the size of an image as small as possible. The multi-stage build is a new feature and it requires Docker 17.05 or higher on the daemon and client. Before multi-stage build! Before multi-stage build, It was common to have one Dockerfile to use for development (which has everything needed to build Continue Reading

Port Forwarding/Tunneling in Linux

Reading Time: 2 minutes What is Tunneling? Tunneling is a type of communication between two applications, mostly TCP/IP applications, that talk to each other using an SSH connection. It is also known as SSH Port forwarding. In Simple terms, it routes the local network traffic through SSH to the remote hosts. When to use Tunneling?  We can use Tunneling to secure the communications between different applications that aren’t secure. Continue Reading

Understanding Services in Kubernetes with Examples!

Reading Time: 4 minutes What is Service? Service is an abstraction level that Kubernetes uses to make a deployed application accessible from the internal and external of the cluster. Think time… Imagine that, you have been asked to deploy a web app How front-end web app is exposed to the outside world ? In what way will we connect front-end with back-end and database? How do we resolve Pod IP Continue Reading