Selenium Grid 2-Parallel Execution

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Selenium Grid allows to access to run the test cases with different  machine with multiple browser. It works as a parallel  execution. Selenium grid is automated testing execution on Distributed systems in parallel.

Architecture of Selenium Grid:

Selenium grid consists one hub which control all the nodes which is registered on hub.Node is working as a port and each node is capable to open multiple browser.Every single machine working as a hub and a hub can have multiple nodes.

Selenium Grid

Installation of Selenium Grid:

For installing the selenium grid we have to install selenium server jar file. Now we will start the hub configuration in your local machine, For making the hub we open the terminal type the command.

  • java -jar selenium-server-standalone-2.45.0.jar -role hub

Now we open the browser and type http://localhost:4444 we will get the selenium grid screen.


Now we take next step we will make nodes. By default a single node will work as a operating system same as host and will five firefox, chrome Instance  and one Internet Explorer. Now we open the terminal and follow the command.



Code for Selenium Grid:


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