Message Passing in Rust Threads is very helpful

Reading Time: 3 minutes Rust has been the most loved programming language for the last five years in a row. It is a low-level statically-typed multi-paradigm programming language that’s focused on safety and performance. Rust has facilities for message passing through an mpsc channel which allows various threads to communicate. Rust solves problems that C/C++ has been struggling with for a long time, such as memory errors and building concurrent programs. Due to the borrow checker, Rust can prevent data races at compile-time. Data races Continue Reading


Introduction to slack-scala-client

Reading Time: 3 minutes Here, we are going to see how we can communicate on slack with the help of slack-scala-client. What is Slack? A messaging app for teams. Slack’s channels help you focus by enabling you to separate messages, discussions and notifications by purpose, department or topic. However, if you need privacy, Slack provides that as well with invite-only channels. Slack integration with our application Integration is what Continue Reading