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Creating Virtual Machines using Vagrant – 2

Reading Time: 3 minutes Hi Readers, In previous blog we learned about the WHAT and WHY of Virtual Machines and Vagrant. We understood the Virtual Machine life cycle, problems while manual setup of Virtual Machine. Apart from this we also saw benefits of Vagrant and vagrant architecture. Now in this blog we will try to setup virtual machines automatically using Vagrant. Prerequisite Vitualization Technology Enabled in BIOS Vagrant tool Continue Reading

WebAssembly is the technology of future?

Reading Time: 4 minutes WebAssembly, generally called wasm, is a compact, fast and portable code that can run on most browsers which makes it a technology of the future. Let us learn more about it in this blog.

Migrating from VM to Kubernetes Engine with Anthos

Reading Time: 6 minutes What if we had an automatic way to convert VMs to Containers. Does this sound like magic? Yes, ‘Migrate for Anthos’ does quite a bit of magic underneath to automatically convert VMs to Containers.