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Cool Breeze of Scala for Easy Computation: Introduction to Breeze Library

Mathematics is a core part of machine learning and to dive deep into machine learning one should possess basic knowledge of mathematics concepts but when you start developing algorithms, mathematics can be a real pain. Thankfully we have some awesome … Continue reading

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First step Towards Machine Learning

The human pace is getting lazy day by day and wants an ease in their life. For that, we created machines, machines that are capable enough to take commands and perform tasks for us. But what if machines can think … Continue reading

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Providing Security Using “Akka-Http”

While building any application (small or big) Security is one of the most concerned issue, that should be handled properly by the developer. Moreover quality of any application is directly proportional to the level of security provided by the application to … Continue reading

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Magic Of Dependency Injection in Angular 2

When i was a kid Injection word was my biggest nightmare, but since I have become a programmer and jovial by doing clean, crisp and precise applications the “injection” word seems the most wonderful word to me, as this word brings … Continue reading

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Say Hello to “Akka-Http”

Hello folks, Hope you are enjoying your coding days!!! in this blog, I will explain a cool technology named Akka-Http which i have recently explored in my coding days!! Introduction The Akka HTTP implements a full server- and client-side HTTP stack … Continue reading

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