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Getting Introduced with Presto

Hi Folks! In today’s blog I will be introducing you to a new open source distributed Sql Query Engine – Presto. It is designed for running SQL queries over Big Data( petabytes of Data). It was designed by the people … Continue reading

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The Dominant APIs of Spark: Datasets, DataFrames and RDDs

While working with Spark often we come across the three APIs: DataFrames, Datasets and RDDs.  In this blog I will discuss the three in terms of use case, performance and optimization.  It is essential to keep in mind that there … Continue reading

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Web Designing using Pure.css

In today’s blog I will be introducing Pure.css (simply referred to as “Pure”), it’s use case and advantages over its counterparts. The blog will get you acquainted with the basics of the Pure. I shall discuss the basic idea behind … Continue reading

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Effective way of Documentation : Markdowns and Converters

Writing documentation from a user perspective has always been a challenging job for Developers.Markdowns allows the developers to write docs using an easy-to-read, easy-to-write plain text format. But the challenge does not end here, providing users with offline documentation in … Continue reading

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Applicatives in Scala

In my last blog we talked about Functors, now lets talk about Applicatives in this Blog. Applicatives are also often referred as generalised Functors. We shall explore in the latter section of the blog why they are referred so. Before … Continue reading

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Functors in Scala

While programming in Scala we  often come across a term called Functor. A functor is an extremely simple but powerful concept. In this blog, let us discuss that in more detail. Theoretically functor is a type of mapping between categories. … Continue reading

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Knolx – Functors, Applicatives,Monads

Hi All, Knoldus had organized  a knolx session on “Functors, Applicatives,Monads”, the session comprised of a brief introduction of the functors, applicatives and monads followed by small demonstration for each. Here are the slides of the session. Let me know … Continue reading

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Speech Recognition with Scala

In this blog I am going to explain how to integrate speech recognition in your Scala project. Speech recognition enables us to integrate the recognition and translation of spoken language into our projects in form of text. Speech recognition is … Continue reading

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