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Getting Introduced with Presto

Hi Folks! In today‚Äôs blog I will be introducing you to a new open source distributed Sql Query Engine - Presto. It is designed for running SQL queries over Big Data( petabytes of Data). It was designed by the people…

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Business Intelligence-Data Visualization: Tableau

Spark, Bigdata, NoSQL, Hadoop are some of the most using and top in charts technologies that we frequently use in Knoldus, when these terms used than one thing comes into picture is 'Huge Data, millions/billions of records' Knoldus developers use…

5 comments on “Cassandra Counter Column And Table”

Cassandra Counter Column And Table

Blog Describes the usage of counter column and table in Cassandra .

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Solr Relevance Search Using SolrJ In Scala

In this blog we will see how we can perform relevance(or relevant) search in solr using solrj Http API in scala . To give brief what is relevance search : - A developer working on search relevancy focuses on the…

7 comments on “Apache spark + cassandra: Basic steps to install and configure cassandra and use it with apache spark with example”

Apache spark + cassandra: Basic steps to install and configure cassandra and use it with apache spark with example

To build an application using apache spark and cassandra you can use the datastax spark-cassandra-connector to communicate with spark. Before we are going to communicate with spark using connector we should know how to configure cassandra. So following are prerequisite…

7 comments on “Handling Large Data File Using Scala and Akka”

Handling Large Data File Using Scala and Akka

We needed to handle large data files reaching size Gigabytes in scala based Akka application of ours. We are interested in reading data from the file and then operating on it. In our application a single line in a file…